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Posted April 25th, 2011

In Home TV Repair Minneapolis

Samsung Lcd Repair can be easier with the model code and version number

To help H&H TV Repair diagnose your television’s problem it will be helpful to have your TV’s model,  serial number and version number available.  The picture to the right is a example of a Samsung television’s sticker. Without this information TV repair can be more time-consuming therefore more expensive.

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Why do I need this information?

Some television manufactures use many different parts for the same purpose. A example of this would be Samsung Televisions. Samsung uses over 5 different types of power-cords for their televisions. If you called H&H TV repair for service on a Samsung TV power-cord and we didn’t have the serial number, we may bring the wrong power-cord to your appointment. This would cause a delay in the repair that neither of us would want.  


H&H TV Repair and Electronics prides its self on offering the best service at the best price on all types of TV Repair in the Minneapolis St Paul metro area.

H&H TV Repair and Electronics would be happy to service your In home Television repair needs.

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