PEG PEREGO Repair Specialist Minneapolis | How Do I Choose

Posted April 27th, 2011

Peg Perego Repair Minneapolis

How do I choose a Peg Perego repair specialist in Minneapolis St. Paul?

Friends, relatives and neighbors are a great resource for getting Peg Perego Toy Vehicle Repair Referrals.

Ask Questions Like

  • Who would they recommend?
  • What was the quality of the repair of their Peg Perego?
  • How was their customer service?
  • Did the Service technician explain what repair was needed and why?
  • Did you get a itemized invoice?
  • Did they repair their Peg Perego in a timely manner and courteous?
  • Did they use original parts and not generic?

Peg Perego Repair St Paul

Contact potential service companies and ask these important questions.

  • How do they charge for service, hourly, flat rate, or by the job?
  • Are they experienced in working on your Peg Perego Toy Riding Car?
  • Make sure they understand what kind of Peg Perego you have? ( John Deer, Gaucho, Jeep, ect.)
  • How long has the company been in business?
  • What is their Warranty on worked performed?
  • Do they have insurance against loss or damage of you’re Peg Perego on their premises?
  • Do they employ certified technicians?

H&H TV Repair and Electronics Minneapolis St Paul

H&H TV Repair and Electronics has been Servicing the Minneapolis St. Paul Area Since 1955.

H&H TV Repair and Electronics has been An Authorized Peg Perego Service Center longer than anyone else in the Minneapolis St. Paul area.

Call or Email H&H TV Repair and Electronics Now for an appointment to drop of your PEG PEREGO today – 952-929-1721

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